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Specializing in the repair & servicing of commercial & industrial
heating and cooling systems. We take great pride in solving
all of your heating & cooling needs in a very cost effective
and timely manor. Our goal is to keep your equipment
running efficiently.
We cover Commercial & Industrial businesses
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CI Repair Plus L.L.C
Now Servicing
Heating, Cooling, Salad Bars, Pizza Prep Tables
Boilers, Ice Machines, Blast Coolers/Freezers
Make -Up Air, Chillers, Walk-In Coolers/Freezers
Split Systems, Upright Coolers/Freezers, Exhaust Fans, etc.
No Building or Job is too big . . .
. . . we handle it all

Being a business owner during these tough economic times can be very trying at times to say the least. Often funds that have been set aside to grow the business have to be redirected to emergency repairs on high ticket utility items such as; commercial refrigeration units, air conditioners (  which most commercial & industrial versions will cost into the thousands), furnaces, freezers and the likes. Without these appliances functioning properly  business  would be almost halted to a standstill, especially for businesses in the food or food & services industry; such as supermarkets, restaurants or convenience stores.

Well now with CI Repair Plus Commercial and Industrial Services, you as the business owner can rest easy at night knowing that should something go wrong with your commercial and industrial air conditioning, heating furnace, ventilation system, freezer, refrigerated salad bar, or walk-in refrigeration the solution to your problem is only one phone call away.

We offer affordable and comprehensive service & support plans to small businesses such as; [ gas stations, pizza & sandwich shops], mid-to-large businesses such as; [fast food chain restaurants, large restaurants, party stores] and major industrial businesses and buildings. No job is too big or to small.

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